Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

In a world of instantaneous, global information exchange, intellectual capital is often a business’s most valuable asset. It may consist exclusively of assets a company owns.

Our Firm concentrates its practice on intellectual property law and related litigation, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets. Our attorneys have received specialized training that enables them to efficiently and effectively counsel our clients in connection with high Intellectual property issues.

Further, our patent attorneys possess diverse scientific backgrounds and educations covering the aerospace, mechanical, electronic, and computer science disciplines.

Our Firm represents clients in transactional matters and, should the need ever arise, our firm litigates and mediates intellectual property disputes. We also serve as local counsel in intellectual property disputes. The firm also collaborates with other law firms that require specific strategic advice or representation in any facet of intellectual property, including alternative dispute resolution.

Our services summarized below, support clients to develop, use, and protect their intellectual assets to the highest degree possible.

Transactional services

  • Advice, planning, and monetization.
  • Trademarks Registration.
  • Licensing and technology transactions.
  • Trade secret protection.
  • Copyrights and advertising.
  • Patents Drafting and Registration.
  • Franchise

Litigation concerning:

  • Patents
  • Trademarks and unfair competition
  • Copyrights

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