Insurance Recovery

Insurance Recovery

For more than 10 years, Osama Anwar has specialized in helping individual and businesses navigate complex property and liability coverage disputes. Our attorneys offer creative practical and lasting solutions to insurance-coverage problems.

Inside the courtroom and out, our leading role as advocates has had a lasting effect on how insurance disputes are handled in Bahrain.

We know the insurance industry well—the terms and intent of insurance policies, the merits of particular coverage positions, the tactics used in coverage disputes, and how to approach settling coverage disputes. That acquaintance gives us the ability to anticipate and strategically counter our opponents.
We’ve repeatedly negotiated and successfully litigated a wide variety of insurance-coverage disputes and our clients have been awarded millions of dinars in insurance proceeds.

Our insurance expertise is bolstered by our firm’s sophisticated commercial and transactional practice, which gives us in-depth understanding of the specific risks and issues facing the insurance industry. That enables us to develop a practical approach to resolving insurance disputes, taking into account the unique needs of our clients.

Insurance-coverage disputes can take many different forms—and we have experience with all of them. We have helped resolve property and liability coverage disputes across the country under numerous lines of insurance and types of coverage.

Our experience allows us not only to resolve coverage disputes efficiently and effectively, but also to help you prevent such disputes from arising in the first place. We provide preventative counseling, negotiate disputes, and, when necessary, pursue focused litigation to resolve disputes.

The harm occurred can be physical, mental, or even financial. Personal Injury suits are typically resolved in one of two ways: through a formal lawsuit, or through informal, out-of-court negotiations between the parties involved. There is often a time limit for when one person can file a claim against another for personal injury. This is known as the Statute of Limitations. Typically, the deadline to file a claim is 2 years after the injury occurred. However, there are instances in which an injury is not properly identified until years later, in which case the statute of limitations is 1 year after the injury was identified.