Family Business Disputes

Family Business Disputes

Internal disputes can disrupt even the most successful family businesses. Osama Anwar Law Firm attorneys have helped a lot of family business owners anticipate, avoid, diffuse, and resolve these disputes.

Family business disputes involve a wide range of issues, including:

  • Sharing of profits
  • Employment of family members
  • Exit strategies
  • Value of stock or member unit redemption
  • Succession planning

Solving Family Business Disputes:

We help our clients solve family business dispute by gaining a thorough understanding of the factual issues and the perspectives of the key participants. We carefully assess our clients’ rights as well as the likely outcome should a dispute move into litigation or result in a transfer of ownership interests. We encourage our clients to consider the early assessment of emerging family business disputes or differing family objective that could lead to disputes to identify solutions and, if necessary, to best position them as disputes mature. Many disputes can be resolved early and inexpensively through the careful identification and implementation of available options.

Our Resources:

Osama Anwar Law Firm attorneys take full advantage of our firm’s resources in advising our clients on family business disputes. We draw upon our vast experience in advising successful family businesses in their day-to-day legal issues as well as our understanding of a wide range of industries. We are supported by nearly 20 attorneys whose skills can be tapped in areas ranging from employment, to real estate, and more. We also bring to bear our understanding of current banking and financial markets and the possibilities for funding settlement and business resolutions.

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