Our litigation team represents clients, in bankruptcy throughout the country, in matters involving:

  • Defaulted loans
  • Guarantor litigation
  • Fraud
  • Lender liability defense
  • Successor liability claims
  • Inter-creditor disputes
  • Collection actions

Court appointed receiverships

The harm occurred can be physical, mental, or even financial. Personal Injury suits are typically resolved in one of two ways: through a formal lawsuit, or through informal, out-of-court negotiations between the parties involved. There is often a time limit for when one person can file a claim against another for personal injury. This is known as the Statute of Limitations. Typically, the deadline to file a claim is 2 years after the injury occurred. However, there are instances in which an injury is not properly identified until years later, in which case the statute of limitations is 1 year after the injury was identified.