Mr . Osama Anwar

Mr . Osama Anwar

Mr . Osama Anwar
Founder & Managing Partner.

Mr. Anwar is a Cassation Court Lawyer and holder of L.L.B from Ain Shams University, Class 1983. Mr. Anwar has been the sole partner of the firm with an experience exceeding 20 years in the Territory of the Kingdom of Bahrain wherein he represented various clients, before the courts of law and arbitration tribunals. His areas of expertise include but not limited to, Banking, Finance, Corporate Sector, M&A’s, Capital ventures, Insurance and litigation.

Mr. Anwar is considered to be one of the best litigators and arbitrators in the Kingdom of Bahrain, leading a team of highly-qualified attorneys and legal experts. Mr. Anwar and his team has been providing legal advice for various successful enterprises over the last 15 years in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Mr. Anwar received his Honorary Doctorate Degree recently from Oxford Academy, and occasionally lectures at the University of Applied Arts. Moreover, he offers the law students the opportunity to have a summer internship at Osama Law Firm & International Arbitration, to enhance, develop and gain practical experience of law.

Mr. Anwar proudly provides legal advice and assistance to the following entities:
– Gulf Finance House
– Al Manartain
– Jasmi’s
– Arab Bank
– Meena Investment
Mr. Anwar’s activities include international legal matters, with good relationships within the territories of the United States of America, United Kingdom, Gulf Region and Egypt.

The firm represents a wide range of multi-national and local companies as well as institutional investors and family-run businesses. Instances of testimonials from clients include: “Osama Anwar is well-trusted and likeable professional”; “People get along easily with him”; “He is a respectable person, with a lot of clout.”; “He conducts his work with Integrity and professionalism”; “He’s proved himself an outstanding negotiator”; “He is quick on perceiving the subtleties of issues at hand” and “He’s good at leading and steering matters towards its intended ends”.